Unit 5 单元测亿万先生mr007pt欧洲馆   一、单项选择:从下列各题所给的四个选项中,选出一个可填入空白处的最佳答案。(15分)   ( ) 1. —What animals only live in China?—________ do.   A. Elephants B. Koalas C. Pandas D. Giraffes   ( ) 2. I like this storybook because it’s very ________.   A. cute B. interesting C. smart D. friendly   ( ) 3. —How many tigers are there in the zoo?—There aren’t ________.   A. some B. any C. one D. much   ( ) 4. She gets up late, ________ she is late for work.   A. and B. but C. because D. so   ( ) 5. —Wha t ________ animals do you like?—I like elephants, ________.   A. other; too B. other; also C. others; too D. others; also   ( ) 6. —Let’s go to see the pandas first.—________. Let’s see the tigers.   A. No, we can’t B. You are welcome   C. That’s boring D. OK. Let’s go   ( ) 7. — What’s that in the park?— It’s a baby elephant. It’s ________ interesting.   A. little B. a kind of C. kinds of D. kind of   ( ) 8. — Does Tony’s aunt work in a hospital?   — Yes. She often sleeps ________ the day and works ________ night.   A. in; in B. at; at C. in; at D. in; during   ( ) 9. My _____ are very ________ to me. We all thank them.   A. friendly; friendly B. friends; friendly   C. friend; friendly D. friendly; frie nds   ( )10. —Do you like tigers?—No, I don’t. They’re ________.   A. exciting B. friendly C. scary D. shy   ( )11. —________ d oes your friend go to the zoo?—Because he wants to see animals.   A. Why B. Where C. How D. What   ( )12. He often ________ his homework to school.   A. forgets bringing B. forgets to bring C. leaves bring D. leaves to bring   ( )13. I want to buy a book ________ my son. Do you have any books ________ children?   A. for; to B. for; about C. to; for D. to; with   ( )14. Please cut ________. They are old.   A. down them B. down it C. it down D. them down   ( )15. —He’s very smart.—________? What can he do?   A. Wow B. Haha C. Really D. Well   二、完形填空:先阅读短文,然后从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个可以填入短文相应空白处的最佳答案。(20分)   Some people like dogs because they can help people do many things. Some people like koalas because they’re 1 . I like pigs 2 . Many people think pigs are lazy and 3 . But I think pigs are smart and clean. They just eat lots of 4 and like sleeping. I 5 a little pig. His name is Snoopy. He’s smart. He often plays games 6 me. He can also do tricks (玩把戏). If I say “Go to 7 ”, he goes to his bed. If I say “Dance for us”, h e dances to the 8 . It’s great fun playing with him. He is 9 my good friend. Do you like pigs? What’s your favorite 10 ? Can you tell me?   ( ) 1. A. lazy B. big C. scary D. cute   ( ) 2. A. good B. well C. fine D. best   ( ) 3. A. friendly B. dirty C. clever D. shy   ( ) 4. A. eggs B. bread C. food D. fruits   ( ) 5. A. have B. take C. br ing D. help   ( ) 6. A. at B. from C. with D. to   ( ) 7. A. sleep B. run C. eat D. listen   ( ) 8. A. CD B. TV C. music D. book   ( ) 9. A. too B. really C. around D. then   ( )10. A. subject B. sport C. club D. animal   三、阅读理解:先阅读短文,然后从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个与短文内容相符的正确答案。(20分)   A   Many people like animals. Now a lot of people keep animals as pets. Usually people like to keep dogs, cats, fish and other animals. Many young people keep animals because they thin k these animals are interesting. Some old people keep pets because they don’t live with their children.   Molly lives in No. 20 Garden Street . He is a doctor (医生), but he helps dogs. People usually call him The Dog Doctor. When their dogs get sick (生病), they call him on the telephone. He goes to the people’s houses and helps them. He gives the dogs medicines (药物). Wherever (无论) he goes, he is always welcome.   ( ) 1. What kind of animals do people like to keep as pets?   A. Dogs. B. Cats. C. Fish. D. A, B and C   ( ) 2. Why do old people keep pets?   A. Because they don’t live with their sons or daughters.   B. Because they do n’t have children.   C. Because they think animals are interesting.   D. Because they like animals.   ( ) 3. Does Molly help animals?   A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, he does. C. No, he isn’t. D. No, he doesn’t.   ( ) 4. What is the best title (题目)?   A. Dog Doctor. B. A New Pet Store.   C. Pets and Doctors. D. An Interesting Animal   ( ) 5. Where does Molly live?   A. In a hospital. B. In a village.   C. In a garden. D. In No. 20 Garden Street.   B   In our city, there is a big zoo. There are a lot of animals in it.   Mona is an Australian koala. She is seven years old. She is very cute. She likes sleeping during the day. B ut at night she gets up and eats leaves. Mona doesn’t drink (喝) water for months. But she is healthy, because she can get water from the leaves.   Here is a big house. A lion lives in it. His name is Gerry. He is ugly. He is from Africa. Meat is his favorite food. Gerry is very lazy. He sleeps and relaxes for 20 hours every day. Today is Gerry’s eighth birthday. The workers in the zoo are having a birthday party for him.   This is a big elephant. His name is Johnny. He is from India (印度). He’s eleven years old. He has bad eyesight (视力). He likes to eat grass. He’s friendly and clever. People can teach him to do something for them.   Tuantuan is a cute panda. She is five years old. She’s from China. She is very beautiful, but she’s very shy, so please keep quiet. She likes eating bamboos (竹子) and drinking water. She relaxes about 10 hours every day.   ( ) 1. Gerry is years old.   A. 5 B. 7 C. 8 D. 11   ( ) 2. can’t see anything very well.   A. The elephant B. The lion C. The koala D. The panda   ( ) 3. can help people to do things.   A. Mona B. Gerry C. Tuantuan D. Johnny   ( ) 4. These animals come from countries.   A. two B. three C. four D. five   ( ) 5. Which of the following is TRUE?   A. Mona can get water from the leaves so she doesn’t drink water for months.   B. Gerry doesn’t like to sleep or relax but he likes to eat meat.   C. Johnny is very small. He only likes to eat meat.   D. Tuantuan likes to eat bamboo s but doesn’t like to drink water.   四、根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。(10分)   1. In t he zoo, there are l of animals, such as tigers, lions and giraffes.   2. Jim is a s student, I think he can work out the math question.   3. People cut down many trees so elephants are l their homes.   4. Tom is a l boy, he doesn’t do his homework.   5. —How do you like Molly, Miss Hu?   —Very much. Because she is kind of s________ ___. She is always quiet.   6. Koalas are only from A___________.   7. We should s__________ water.   8. I have no p__________ to play the piano.   9. He is in d , we should help him.   10. The old man often gets l in the street.   五、情景交际:根据对话内容,写出所缺句子。(10分)   W:Hi, Dave! (1) ?   M:They are photos.   W:(2) ?   M:Sure. Here you are!   W:Oh. They are all about animals. (3) ?   M:Yes, I like animals very much.   W:(4) ?   M:My favorite animals are lions.   W:But here are some photos of tigers.   M:I want to send (寄) them to my new friend. He likes tigers.   W:(5) ?   M:He is from Japan. He’s my friend’s friend.   W:Well, it’s very interesting.   六、根据汉语意思完成句子。(10分)   1. 你为什么不吃早餐?   you have breakfast?   2. 我认为老虎有点聪明。   I think tigers are smart.   3. 那小狗能用两条腿走路。   The little dog can walk two .   4. 它是好运的象征。   It is of good luck.   5. 我们必须拯救树木,不买象牙制的东西。   We must save trees and not buy things ivory.   七、书面表达。(15分)   请你介绍一下你的小猫Mimi,内容需包括以下几点:   1. Mimi 2岁了,全身雪白,爱吃鱼。   2. Mimi 有点懒,它一天睡12小时。   3. Mimi 不睡觉时爱和我玩。   4. 我非常喜欢Mimi (请说明喜欢它的理由)。   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   参考答案   一 、1.C 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.D 8.C 9.B 10.C 11.A 12.B 13.B 14.D 15.C   二、1.D 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.D   三、A) 1.D 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.D B) 1.C 2.A 3.D 4.C 5.A   四、1. lots 2. smart 3. losing 4. lazy 5. shy   6. Australia 7. save 8. place 9. danger 10. lost   五、1. What are these   2. May / Can I have a look at them   3. Do you like animals   4. What are your favorite animals   5. Where’s your new friend from   六、1. Why don’t 2. kind of 3. on; legs 4. a symbol 5. made of   七、One possible version:   I have a small white cat. Its name is Mimi. It’s two years old, and it likes eating fish. Mimi is kind of lazy. It sleeps 12 hours every day. When it doesn’t sleep, it likes to play with me. I love Mimi very much, because it is ve ry beautiful and smart. We are good friends. Do you like it?