Unit 8 Is there a post office near here?   一、完成对话   根据对话内容和所给首字母,填入合适的单词。   A:1. E________ me. Is 2. t________ a hotel in the neighborhood?   B:Yes, there’s one near here.   A:Could you please tell me how I can 3. g________ there?   B:Yes. Go down this road and 4. t________ left at the traffic lights(交通灯), then go 5. a ______ __ the bridge. You will find it on your 6. r________.   A:How far is it from here?   B:It’s about twenty minutes’ ride. You’d better 7. t________ the bus.   A:Which bus s hall I take?   B:Bus No.101. The bus stop is over there.   A:8. T________ you so much.   B:You’re welcome.   二、短文填空   从方框中选择合适的单词,并用其适当形式填空。   turn, ride, two, cross, police, restaurant, between, far, begin, long   Mike lives in New York. His father has a 1. ________ and his mother works in the 2. ________ station. He is seven years old and he 3. ________ to go to school this autumn. The school is a little 4. ______ from his home and his parents are very busy. So Mike 5. ________ his bike to school. He rides 6. ________ Center street. Then 7. _____ ___ left at the 8. ________ crossing. Next go down the Fifth Avenue and the school is 9. ________ the bank and the shop. It’s 10. ________ from a library.   三、快乐阅读   Peter and Charly will go to the movie theatre. But Peter doesn’t know the way. Charly writes the way on a piece of paper.   Walk straight the Sun Avenue u ntil you see a post office. Turn left and you are on the Centre Street. You will go past a library. Then turn right. Go straight and you will see a park in front of you. Go through the park an d turn left. After you pass the seventh shop, you will see a supermarket. The movie theatre is next to the supermarket. You can’t miss(错过) it.   你能准确地说出图中字母标号所代表的位置吗?   1. A ________ 2. B ________ 3. C ____ ____ 4. D ________ 5. E ________   一、完成对话   根据对话内容,从方框中选择合适的句子。   A:Excu se me! Is there a post office near he re?   B:1. ________   A:Great! So can you tell me the way?   B:Of course. Just walk down this street. 2. ________ You can see it on the left of Center Street.   A:Is it far from here ?   B:No, it isn’t. 3. ________   A:4. ________   B:There. You can take it in fron t of the restaurant.   A:Thanks a lot.   B:5. ________   A. You can walk or take the No.1 bus.   B. Yes, there is.   C. You’re welcome.   D. When you see a library, turn right. Go down Center Street.   E. Where can I take the No.1 bus?   二、阅读表达   Dear P eter,   I’m happy that you are arriving this Sunday. But you just stay here for a week. Let me tell you the way to my house. Take a taxi from the airport. 4. You will pass a bank on your left and th en go down Center Street. Go through Six Avenue . When you see a big supermarket, turn left at the _______ (cross). Then go along Bridge Street and tu rn left at Long Shan Park. 3. 沿着长街 走,我家就在你得右侧。   I hope you have a good tri p.   Yours,   Mike   任务一:根据短文内容,回答问题。   1. Who wrote this letter?   __________________________________   2. How long does Mike stay here?   _______________________   任务二:翻译文中划线部分。   3. __________________________________   4. __________________________________   任务三:用所给单词的适当形式填空。   5. When you see a big supermarket, turn left at the _______ (cross).   三、小试身手   同学们,经过这一单元的学习,你是否可以描述你家附近你所喜欢的地点及怎样到那里呢?请向你的同学介绍一下吧。   参考答案   Section A   一、1. Excuse 2. there 3. get 4. turn 5. across 6. right 7. take 8. Thank   二、1. restaurant 2. police 3. begins 4. far 5. rides 6. along 7. turn 8. second 9. between 10. across   三、1. post office 2. library 3. park 4. supermarket 5. movie theatre   Section B   一、1—5 BDAE C   二、1. Mike.   2. For a week.   3. Go down Long Street and my house is on your right.   4. 在左侧你会路过一家银行,然后沿着中心大街直走。   5. crossing   三、小试身手(略)